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*** NEW *** bbTracker : now that the WatchScript has (in)effectively been replaced by "my eBay 2.0, you might want to try a new system. more details here. Note that logins for bb auction tools are not valid on bbTracker and vice versa. but registration is quick and free.

who is baconbuttie ? i'm a network engineer, who had fallen into a career of web application development, and is now working as a self-employed consultant/engineer. i work from home, so it's easy for me to schedule my time to suit myself.

why the free tools ? cos you deserve them ! selling on eBay isn't the life i would choose, not even for part-time employment, so i thought it would be nice to develop some little 'nice-to-haves' that you can use. eBay are a bit down on functionality compared to some other auction sites so some of these tools fill those gaps.

what do you offer ? 
  • the primary offering is the WatchScript, a tool to see how many people are adding your item(s) to their eBay watchlist. visit this page to get more information and the link to sign up for extended functionality.
  • next we have eBay Counters, much like other counters, except i don't go in for dynamic graphical counters. these are available stand-alone, or integrate with the WatchScript system. get your counter code here
  • then onto the JavaScript Generator. this page allows you to mix-n-match the scripts i've written for various purposes, and produces a single script to add to your description. have a gander at this page.
  • next we have bbCounters, a generic counter available to all baconbuttie registered users. use one on your own webpage, your 'me' page, wherever ... and administer it in this system.
  • lastly there are bbScripts, useful code snippets that you might find useful. find them at here.Updated

can i contact you ? sure, email me through eBay, or direct to bbadmin@baconbuttie.co.uk. if you want help with a particular script don't forget to include an item number if applicable.

anything else ? well, there are often little extras on my 'aboutme' page, which you can find here.

finally ... links. what page would be complete without some links. friends, family, customers, supporters ... they're all here. or should be :o).