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09 April 2004
at last !! ...
well, some 7 months after i had the original idea, at last it is available for public consumption. the past few months have been difficult, finding myself without a job at Christmas and having my ex-boss refuse to pay me the 6k he owes me. but now i am back in a routine that suits me, there is money coming in and i can spend a bit more time on baconbuttie again. i have to, there is in excess of 200 emails waiting for me. for most bb users the process will be intuitive, but i will write some faq and help files soon enough.

15 January 2004
unashamed link to the latest watchscript ...
it always happens. as soon as i release a new watchscript someone finds the tiniest issue that i managed to overlook in testing. this time it was me. it still doesn't alleviate the disappointment in finding a 'bug' 24 hours after you release code. on top of that, i've just found out that the local paper has run an article on me. they weren't supposed to do that yet ! now i need to go find a copy.

15 January 2004
where i spent all of yesterday !! ...
well, i've finally joined the rest of humanity and started blogging. although there's a million and one sites to do your blogging i decided to write my own. i still don't know why.

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